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How much do materials cost?

Do you sell kits?

What microphone is best for what I'm trying to record?

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Plans for BUILDING A RIBBON MICROPHONE - From Rickshaw Records


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Q. Do you sell kits?

A. Kits are a very strong possibility.

A kit for Omni microphones (a pair) would be $50.00

Currently, a kit for the LDM (large Diaphragm Microphone) would cost approximately $110.00.

Kits would include all the materials:

  1. Tubing for body. (Aluminum or Brass depending on Mic)
  2. Brass Mesh for Grille
  3. Internal pieces for structure
  4. Microphone Capsule
  5. All Electronics
  6. Instructions

You would have to drill, cut and solder parts.

The advantage of the kit is that all your ordering would be one stop. Additionally, unless you are building more than four microphones, your costs will be similar to a kit purchase.

If you are interested in a kit, please email me.